Sensual & Elegant Boudoir or Hollywood Glamor Portraits 

Sensual boudoir photography by Dolores will change the way you see yourself forever. Whether you want to capture the new you, show your partner how much you love them and how lucky they are, or simply to feel amazing about yourself, our Boudoir experience is just for you. Gorgeous photos that capture your femininity in a truly unforgettable style. Dolores combines her skilled professional confidence with a personal touch that assures a wonderful photo session experience. She has developed the ability to combine lighting and composition with your personal style to create an image of beauty that’s uniquely yours.

Preparing for the photo session gives you the opportunity to indulge yourself! Bring a selection of outfits to reflect the different moods you’d like to capture, from demure, to playful, to seductive. Choose colors that are best for you, but that are not too similar to your skin tone. Colors that work well with our lighting style are white, red, gold, turquoise, and some black. Be sure to include jewelry—pearls are gorgeous in photos, while diamonds and silver or gold add a beautiful glow. You can have fun incorporating some items to personalize the image for your partner (a tool belt, his shirt and tie, a favorite team t-shirt or jersey), or you may have some other items that have more personal meaning to you.

Your boudoir photo session will last about two hours. Dolores will assist you throughout the photo session. She has an eye for detail, co-ordination, and style that blends with her talents to assure an image of perfection! We create up to thirty images for you to choose from, which will be ready for you to view a week later in a slide presentation.

Digital Images


After typical portrait session, we’ll provide you with all the finished images downloadable from our special web site.