Capture the Spirit

These are the moments that are so intimate, and yet they vanish before your very eyes. They're gone before you know it. That’s why we place special emphasis on these moments, to capture them and the emotions that are so special and unique.

All of our finished images are made available to you on a special section of our website.  You’ll also get access to the copyrights, so you’ll be able to download, print, share, or publish your images.  These are your images!  

We also give you access to a number of processing labs that offer a wide variety of prints at very reasonable prices on this web site.   When we send you the finished, digital portraits, you'll be able to select the images you want printed and then decide size and type of paper. They even offer frames, special backings, wall portraits, cards, about anything you can imagine. Your order will go directly to a lab for processing and the finished prints will be sent directly to you. These Labs are very competitive with their prices as well. We believe this service is a great addition to our business and gives our clients an incredible amount of flexibility.

The Photo Session


The location for a typical portrait session is up to you. We'll go down on the Bosque, over-looking the city, anyplace in the Albuquerque Area.